Monday, 13 June 2011

Apple Ipad2

I know that Apple is going to release their third generation Ipad in the very near future. However, I could not wait to get my hands dirty in using one of their latest Ipad2 floating around. Sometimes, I am just curious in looking through the internet and I could find people selling a base model - 16GB wifi + 3G for around £100 on top of the £499 retail price! That is just crazy though!

When you do telephone Apple, they will inform you that it will take around 1-2 weeks for your SIM FREE Ipad2 to arrive from China. The easiest for you to get around the shortage is to go to one of those mobile phone stores and take up a 24 months contract. Well, what is so good about the Ipad2?

At this very moment, the Ipad2, similar to the Ipad1, is basically an enlarged Ipod Touch. It is good in the sense that you could just port over all your favourite apps which you have purchased for your Ipad1 or from you Iphone to the Ipad2. It works beautifully although there are certain apps which is specifically made for the Ipad and it will not work properly if you have an Iphone.

The Ipad2 is significantly lighter than the original Ipad and is slightly faster than the original Ipad. I can't justify the need for a dualcore but gamers will find it useful. After all, Apple has downclock the 1Ghz A5 to 900Mhz. I would not know if you ask me what was the reason for the downclock. It goes the same to Nokia's N8. The ARM chip is capable of running at 772mhz but Nokia has downclock it to 680mhz.

The Ipad2 has facetime and performs just like the latest Apple Ipod but it is 9.7" instead of 3.5". The increased in screen size is justifiable and much better than the Ipod Touch. It is a shame hat it does not contain a radio chip which will allow users to make or receive calls/text, so unlike the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The battery life on the Ipad2 is remarkable. It last through one day with moderate usage and with skype working at the background before the need to recharge. Mind you, I have been on skype for around 2 hours before I stop. I think the Ipad2 is a powerhouse when it comes to durability. The battery is just as good as the original Ipad.

There is only one thing which I don't quite like about the Ipad2. Being Apple, they are still using 0.7MP in this age as their primary digital camera and 0.3MP for video calls/facetime. That is just crazy! It is also really expensive unless you take up a wifi+3G on contract...

Will it be justifiable to have the Ipad2 instead of the original Ipad? Well, if you don't mind the weight, I would think it will be best for you to stick with the original Ipad.

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