Saturday, 11 June 2011

Nokia - Don't Disappoint Your Fans!

At this very moment, the only worthy mobile phone from Nokia is the Nokia N8. It is arguable that the E7 is a worthy contender within the Nokia camp, it is still not as polish as the N8 saved for the bigger screen and the Clear Black display. You could also argue that the E7 packed more memory than the N8 but if you look at the whole picture itself, Nokia is moving backwards because the N8 is the ultimate mobile phone for Nokia at the moment until the X7 and then E6 comes along.

I don't think the X7 or the E6 will make any sense to consumers. This is because while other manufacturers are gearing up for dual core cpu at 1.2Ghz (Samsung Galaxy S2), Nokia is still releasing mobile phones with single core at 680mhz!!! What is Nokia trying to do?

I have to admit that Nokia should release mobile phones which comes with a better capacity battery and better power management software. I do feel that the Symbian ^3 is going to get any better until Anna OS is release and nothing spectacular with the s60v3 or s60v5 too. Well, Nokia should start thinking about dual core mobile phones with better power management OS! It is not good to just sack all or most of your software engineers! On the contrary, Elop, I do think that you should ask them to enhance the ^3!!!

Look, Android does not owe Apple anything! Instead, Nokia should be thankful that Microsoft is there to bail them out. However, if Nokia is going to stick to Windows Phone OS... I am afraid that Nokia will lose more of their customers... I am 100% backing the use of Nokia PC Suite. If they move over to Windows Phone OS, I'm going to say goodbye to Nokia... This is because the Microsoft ecosystem for their mobile device is quite below par... Just look at Apple's iOS and Android 2.3.4.

Shame on you Nokia.

However, I am still with you through thick and thin as I am still using the nokia N8...

14/06/2011 - Nokia has been beaten flat - Samsun is the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world followed by Apple and Nokia. Nokia, buck up!!!


Joshua Lopez said...

They can't disappoint anymore, they are at the verge of selling off their good for nothing company!

ぜるもう said...

I just don't get it! Nokia E6 has been launched in the UK today and it is selling for the price of £365... It comes with Anna OS. Where are they going to release Anna OS for their N8? This is just crazy waiting for it since last year!

Joshua Lopez said...

They haven't changed. They release phones on an adhoc basis. No R&D at all! Just keep throwing us phones that are handicap!

ぜるもう said...

I concur. I hope that there will be a successor to the Nokia N8. At this moment, both the X7 and the E6 are not as good as the N8 (spec. wise). When is Nokia going to release better spec. mobile phone? Oh, don't just follow Windows Phone 7 because it needs good hardware to run WP7!

ぜるもう said...

I will be really surprise if the Nokia N9 is going to be announced by Elop tomorrow (21 June 2011) during the opening of the Nokia Convention in Singapore.