Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sneaky Microsoft - IE browser again!

I don't think Microsoft has learn from their mistake of being find billions of Euros from the European Competition Commissioner a few years ago. This time, it is about their Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 browser (again!).

If you noticed, you are not capable of using google as your search engine provider anymore! You could choose from a variety of providers e.g. Bing and but not Google! That is just crazy! You and I know that Bing does not offer searches as good as google does. Why would Microsoft want to disallow users to do so then? If that is not bad enough, Microsoft have also disable Yahoo as one of the search providers. With both Google and Yahoo out of the way, is there any good in using the search bar to search for anything? Well, the alternative thing to do is to head off to to look for the information which you are looking for.

Microsoft is sneaky!!!

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