Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Nokia N9 - Anything good?

It seems that Nokia N9 is now on pre-order in Romania and also Germany. I am not entirely sure the justification of spending €620 of your hard earn money to get one of those highly anticipated Nokia mobile phone - the Nokia N9.

Let's face the fact - you have a 4" screen which is inline with most of the 2011 specification. However, I am not buying the fact that it only comes with a tiny battery and a single core 1Ghz cpu. Even if you could overlook these two shortcomings, the Meego OS is potentially useless as Intel has pulled out of the Meego project. Moreover, Nokia is pushing the development of WP7 on their high end handset and have cut down on the expenditure on Symbian OS so there is no good prospect of users of the N9 if Nokia is not going to further develop the OS.

I may be interested in the N9 but I am just hoping that Nokia will release much better mobile phone - the rumoured Nokia 801, perhaps?


Joshua Lopez said...

I see no need for Brand Loyalty towards Nokia. Nokia, just like BN must go. I am sticking to my idea of a Blackberry Torch! Yeah!

ぜるもう said...

LOL! I think Nokia is trying to make a come back from their worst quarter! I hope that they are going to release a dualcore mobile phone very soon with WP7.5. Otherwise, it will be a disaster for them. At this moment, Apple, HTC and Samsung are leading the way in the total number of smartphones being sold in the UK. RIM which makes Blackberry mobile phones are facing the first stage of dwindling sales so good luck!

ぜるもう said...

The Nokia N9 is quite a piece of engineering. It has good hardware features but it runs on the Meego 1.2. I think it will be the very first and last Meego device to be produced by Nokia. I still can't get hold of one locally unless import it from other countries. Both the Nokia N9 and the Nokia Lumia 800 share a similar platform but quite different internally. I will be waiting for the reported Lumia 900 instead.