Saturday, 3 September 2011

Samsung Galaxy Gio

I did have a chance to review the Samsung Galaxy Gio lately when I flashed the phone's firmware from 2.2 to 2.3.4. On the 2.2 version itself, the menu speed was pretty slow and I was surprised that the owner of the phone is happy with the phone! Most probably he is not interested in getting newer firmware until his apps kept on crashing.

Oh well, I do find the Samsung Galaxy Gio is a good backup phone to use. I am saying this is because it has all the 2010 specification (single core 800mhz cpu) with a reasonable 3.15MP camera with autofocus (Why can't Nokia release their new phones with autofocus?).

The Gio is light and it supports 3G apart from the normal quad band GSM frequencies. For a mere £150, it supports wifi, bluetooth and A-GPS!!! That is so good on Samsung's part, don't you think so? I feel that Samsung is fast gaining on the smartphone segment and I would not doubt their capabilities!

After flashing the unit to 2.3.4, the menu speed is much faster and I don't encounter any crashing of the existing apps on the phone itself. I have to say that the phone is pretty light! ( don't you think that Samsung seems to be on the lighter side these days especially with the Samsung Galaxy S2?)

I think for the given price and the specification, it is a worthy contender to many Nokia phones out there. I just don't understand those designers at Nokia are thinking of. I hope that they will be able to release better models soon.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Gio is a good mid range mobile device. Its SAR is low (less than 1w/kg). RF quality is top notch so there is no problem with it. Don't expect this phone to shoot HD videos as it will only manage VGA resolution. It's a shame that the phone does not support video calling. Oh well, if it supports video calling, it would not be a backup phone then, isn't it?

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