Saturday, 24 December 2011

Apple Iphone 4S Update

Ever sinced I took delivery of an Iphone 4S, I was more than happy. I thought that I will make full use of its capabilities and I will not need to worry about the antennagate issue or shortage of battery juice as Apple has installed two antennas on the Iphone 4S and a slightly larger capacity battery than the Iphone 4, it has failed to solve the exiting problem of the predecessor effectively. Actually, that this moment, new problems have appeared and I am quite sad and disappoint with Apple, just when I thought that they have released an innovative and reliable product.

Let's start off with the antennagate issue. As most of you have know, the Iphone 4 had a problem with its antenna. Depending on how you hold the Iphone 4, you will experience death grip where you will see your signal strength vanished before your very eyes. It happened to the GSM version of the Iphone 4. The issue seemed to have solved with the released of the CDMA version of the Iphone 4. With the release of the Iphone 4S, one would thought that Apple has managed to solve the problem of the antennagate issue, am I right? Well, not really...

The reason why am I voicing out my frustration is that irrespective of whether I am using an Iphone 4 or an Iphone 4S, the signal quality of Vodafone is under performing. I have gone through many customer service advisors and all of them have said that there is no problem with their signals. I did invite them over to have a look at the signal quality in my house or even outside my house when it should have full 3G reception. Having said that, the Iphone 4S performed much better than the Iphone 4 as there is no death grip but the radio chip in the Iphoen 4S is still poor!

Most of the time I had to have a Nokia mobile phone with me as the signal quality on the Nokia device performed much better than the Apple Iphone 4S! One does not need to fork out £499 for a 16GB Iphoen 4S which is not capable of making and receiving a decent call (a mobile phone is meant to have that job, isn't it?). When I put the same SIM card onto my trusty Nokia E71, it showed full 3G reception! That makes a whole lot of difference as making skype calls via 3G on the E71 is more enjoyable than on the Iphone 4S as the later kept on falling back to 2G during a skype call. I just don't understand why is the Iphone 4S have such a bad radio chip! This is quite annoying taking into account that one would expect a £499 mobile device to do its main function without any problems, am I right? I think making and receiving calls will be a mobile device's main role.

Apart from this problem, I have another issue with the Iphone 4S - battery life. I don't understand how come Apple come up with such a claim when I need to recharge my Iphone 4S at least twice a day? Bear in mind that I only have Skype running on the background and I hardly use the mobile phone at all unless I need to. Typically I would make around 45 minutes of calls a day and I had to recharge the phone twice a day! That is not a good way of trying to impress customers to buy an Iphone 4S though! I would rather use my good old E71 or Iphone 4 running on iOS 4.3.2 and I will only need to recharge the Iphone 4 at the end of the day!

Even though Apple has promised to release an update to the iOS 5.0.1, it has never been materialised. I am wondering why Apple is taking such a long time to address the battery issue. Perhaps they are thinking about releasing the iOS 5.1 instead and ditch the iOS 5.0.2 update.

We have to stay tuned for more information from Apple then. What a shame!!!

Doe it have anything to do with the sliding market share of Apple from the European counterpart?


Jean Newto said...

There are tons of features available in iPhone4S. iPhone4S come with latest application like picture clarity, Siri, iMessenger,iCloud and so on. I like Siri because it works like my assistant and very easy to use.
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ぜるもう said...

Dear Jean Newto,

That is true that the Iphone 4S is quite special. However, I wish that Apple will release an update to Siri as it does not work properly outside the USA.

It is Siri is working fine for you. Keep it up!

At this moment, there is no untethered jailbreak for the Iphone 4S... What a shame...