Friday, 4 November 2011

iOS5 - Siri, iMessage and Battery

At first glance, iOS 5 did not really bring about new changes when you look at Android 2.3.5. With the Android 2.3.5, you have scroll down notification, Google Voice and an excellent messaging system. Well, what is so special about the iOS 5?

As I have mentioned earlier, the main focus of the Iphone 4S does not lie with its dualcore cpu or gpu but it is about the iOS 5. With the iOS 5, a user will have the ability to use his/her personal digital assistant called Siri. I had many occasions where I found it annoying because it does not perform well as much as I would want it to do so. In the end, I have decided to switch it off all together.

The one thing which I like very much is the use of iMessage. This is very useful particularly if you have data service with your provider. You can actually send text messages to any iOS 5 equipped mobile phone for free provided you have a good data service or you could also use wifi to do so. I think it is a very good idea from Apple to be able to have a competitive product to the Blackberry Messenger!

The iOS 5 at such is a nice little upgrade for the iOS 4 especially on the Iphone 3Gs and above. I would have to say that while I like the iMessage very much, I would not want to enable GPS unless I have to use it as I have to recharge the battery twice a day as compared to the Iphone 4 once at the end of the day. This is just not cool. I hope that Apple will be able to release an update for it very soon.


Joshua Lopez said...

This is not good news!

ぜるもう said...


The best thing is not to have a laptop on your lap!!!


nathan gallop said...

The iOS 5 create many issues with battery and Apple's popular application Siri. These are some good information on those subjects.

ぜるもう said...

Dear Nathan,

Thank you so much. I think Apple should release a fix for the battery drain issue and Siri. The trouble is that Apple is saying that since Siri is still in beta, it is bound to have problems. Well, the next question would be: "When is Siri going to be out of beta then?"