Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Apple may have dominated with its thunderbolt technology. Nevertheless, Intel is fighting back to ensure that the once dominant Apple will have to share their technology with other OEM.

Ever sinced Thunderbolt technology became a household name under Apple, it revolutionalise everything we see. A quick demo will see that read and write speed will take you up to around 500mbps and a transfer rate of up to 10Gbps. With thunderbolt technoloy, Apple has ensured that its customers will be able to daisy chain thunderbolt up to six devices. This is pretty nice considering the fact that you could be using a Macbook Pro and then connect a 27" Apple display via thunderbolt and then to a Lacie thunderbolt enabled external hard drive.

If I am not mistaken, the 27" Apple display with thunderbolt technology will set you back for a cool £899 while a 1TB Lacie External Hard drive with Thunderbolt technology will set you back for £399. Oh well, one would be asking whether it is justified to spend so much money on a new technology.

Recently, Sony has released its Z Series 13.3" laptop which featured Intel's light peak technology. Such technology is similar to Apple's Thunderbolt technology where an external powerpack containing an AMD HD 6650M gpu with blue-ray player attached onto the main unit of the Z Series laptop. With the Powerpack, you are looking at forking out £2700 for a 1.18kg 13.3" laptop (minus the powerpack) and without an external sheet battery.

I don't think people should be investing in Thunderbolt technology as of now because the technology will be much easier for a person's pocket in the coming year as Intel is about to release Thunderbolt technology across its motherboard beginning of 2012. I am very excited to see new products being launched in support of thunderbolt!

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