Sunday, 1 January 2012

3UK Price Plan

I am quite observant when it comes to any changes within an organisation whom I have interested in. The reason why I am so interested in 3UK is because they need the subscriptions to make up the numbers.

It has been known that ever since its incorporation, 3UK has been struggling to secure the interest of many customers, unlike Vodafone, O2 and Everything Everywhere. I think it is because they have a reputation of providing bad customer service.

I have experienced many bad customer service from them before. That is why I would only have a Pay as you Go contract with them. From my previous experiences with them, they will never admit that it is their fault and they will always paint a rosy picture of themselves and instead blame it on the customers. This is not what customers are for, am I right?

Apart from that, their network signal is most probably not as good as it could be. I have lots of problems when I am indoors as I will experience loss of signals and in the end, I could never be able to make a call to anyone or being cut off in the middle of a telephone conversation.

Despite the fact that I have made numerous calls to customer service, they were ignorant of the issue and will just ask customers like me to suffer the consequence of bad signal. As a result of that, I had to apologies to those people who tried to make a call to me or receiving a call on the other end. This is just embarrassing, don't you think so?

Well, that was almost nine years ago.

Fast forward to December 2011...

I have figure out that they have greatly improved on their customer service. At least, they are not so arrogant anymore. However, their customer service which is based in Bangalore could be greatly improved. They need to understand more about the British culture and the name of the road which their customers are living in. While I am not impressed with their customer service, I have to take into account that their price plan is one of the cheapest in the market (SIM only deals).

That is where I am going to write about 3UK's price plan. I am not a big fan of their price plan because they only have price plan on a 24 months contract. They have said that they do not want to have any price plan less than 24 moths because they will incur losses due to the fact that they are subsidising the mobile phones to their customers. Besides that, their price plans are also reasonable. According to 3UK, that is the main reason why want to introduce a 24 months contract instead of 12 months or even 18 months contract which comes with a mobile phone.

From my previous experience with 3UK, you need to be quick and stand firm when you make a call to customer service. You must not give in and you must always assert your right as a consumer and be reasonable when talking to them as they are only humans.

I would never sign on a 24 months contract at any time because I would never want to subjects self to two years without a new mobile phone. That is why I am always on a 18 months contract. It will be good to sign on a 12 months contract but most probably you would have to pay some money towards the cost of the handset.

I am only interested in SIM only deals web it comes to 3UK as I am not going to subject myself to a long contract. Besides, there might be better price plans along the way an it will be a loss if I can't sign on it because I am still on an existing contract!

Three days ago, I have found an IPhone micro-sim SIM 300 (which is a 30 days contract) on 3UK's website. Immediately I took up the offer. I was being transferred to a sales agent and he happily signed me on and I am really happy with it. Do you know why? Well, the SIM 300 will allow me to make 300 minutes of calls to any landline and UK mobile (saved for premium numbers) and 3000 text messages. I was excited about it because with the plan, I have a truly unlimited Internet usage every month. I don't really know how they could manage unlimited Internet but I was overjoyed! Above all, it is just £15 a month including VAT! Don't you see it? It is a wonderful price plan which fits onto everyone's pocket.

However, the price plan did not last a long time as 3UK has removed such a plan from their website. It is such a shame as they could have attract more customers by lowering their price plan. Oh well, what can we do about it then?

05/01/2012:- The £15 Iphone MicroSIM with all-you-can-eat data is back!!! This time, I would not know how long will it stay there on the website though!

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