Friday, 6 January 2012

Nokia N8 with Nokia Belle

I am pretty certain that many of you would have been able to install Nokia Belle on your existing Nokia N8. Well, it was something which I have waited a long time to do so. Let's face the fact, Nokia Belle on the Nokia C7-00 looks good; the menu speed has increased tremendously and certainly connectivity has improved. Moreover, it gives the user a fresh new UI which is remarkable.

As you all know, I have a Nokia N8 with me to test out installing Nokia Belle just for fun. According to some forums after doing some extensive research, the latest firmware version of the Nokia Belle is 111.030.0607 so I have taken the risk to flash the Nokia N8 to Belle.

It did not take long to flash the N8 as all you need is some important softwares with some common sense. What you need is (a) Pheonix Software; (b) Anna OS for the N8; and (c) Belle OS for the N8. The whole flashing would only take you around 10 minutes to do but you need to bear in mind that I am not responsible if you brick your phone! I will provide you with a link to all the necessary websites to download the files together with the instructions.

My first impression on Nokia Belle was: "Wow"! I could not imagine the Nokia Belle could run on a single core 680mhz ARM cpu! This is just perfect! After flashing it, I would recommend users to reset the N8 before using it. I have to give a two thumbs up to Nokia this time for the Nokia Belle. I am quite happy with it because after flashing the N8 with Nokia Belle, the menu speed has increased and it takes a shorter time for me to install an application from the Nokia Store, as compared to the Anna OS previously where you will see a circle kept on turning round and round for some time before the application will be installed completely.

With Nokia Belle, it opens up a user to a different kind of UI. Obviously the icons are different (much smoother now) and you can slide down from the top (just like an Android and iOS 5) for any notification. The best of all would be the silky smooth firmware, although not an official firmware, can offer to a user! Nokia should not wait for next month before releasing the Nokia Belle on existing mobile phones. They should release it right now!!!

At this moment, even though I am quite happy with the UI of Nokia Belle, I am trying to flash it to other languages so I am still working on it. Watch this space as I will be back!



2000hours - Seems like if I were to just flash the three chinese firmware files onto the N8 will cause a speed decrease on the N8 so I've managed to flash the three files to support Chinese and the original core Nokia Belle file. After doing so, the OS is now as good as new! It is so much faster now! I love it!

07/01/2012 - Most of the applications will run but Skype does not seem to run past the registration page. I don't know why. When I tried to log on to to download the application, it states that the device is not supported. Oh well, at least I have Nimbuzz installed.

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