Sunday, 15 January 2012

HP Laptop's DVD-RW

If you ever have a HP laptop, you might want to check on its inbuild DVD-RW. I am asking you guys to do so because ever sinced I have acquired a few HP laptops, I have never stop making calls to HP to get a replacement for the DVD-RW on the laptop. I have no idea why is this happening but I would be telling you more later.

First of all, I have been told that HP laptops are good to use and long lasting. It means that it is easily upgraded and it is also reasonably priced. Well, I have to admit that all of these are true. However, once you have acquired a HP laptop, don't forget to get yourself an external DVD-RW. The reason why am I asking you to do so is because the DVD-RW will not read any "burned" CDs or DVDs. It means that the drive will not accept any copied CDs or DVDs. I have no idea why this is so but the problem still exist even after a few DVD-RW replacement units being done.

Well, never say that I have not warn you!

Have fun!


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