Wednesday, 22 February 2012

HSPA+ Multiflow

If you were to read this page, you will find out that Nokia Siemens is gearing towards a new technology where it will allow a mobile device to be connected to two cell tower simultaneously. In doing so, it will cut down the potential drop calls especially when a mobile device is located close to the edge of a cell tower.

Personally, I welcome this technology with open arms. I think it is not too late to introduce such technology because we need to be able to access to internet at broadband speed especially with the introduction of LTE in the near future.

At this moment in time, O2 UK has deployed 3G 900mhz and other mobile networks will have to follow them. With LTE, mobile network providers who run on the O2 UK network will benefit greatly as it has extended the coverage range of the cell network.

I will be waiting for such technology to be deployed by OEMs. At this moment, we have quadband GSM + Pentaband UTMS + LTE with A-GPS + GLONASS. I will be most delighted to see more technologies to be deployed soon.

Kudos to Nokia Siemens!

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