Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Windows Phone 7 - Good, Bad and Ugly

It has been quite a while since I last posted an article on my blog. Nevertheless, it will not stop me from doing it any time soon as I am getting quite upset with Microsoft.

Don't get me wrong as I like Microsoft for introducing Windows 7 as it has simplified human tasks e.g. sending documents with attachments via e-mail and Office Suits and so on. In fact, I would most probably remain a loyal Windows 7 customer until Microsoft release a better OS rather than the ugly Metro UI on their upcoming Windows 8. They need to understand that not everyone likes the Metro UI and certainly not all computers are equipped with a touch screen computer! Anyway, that would be another article to read. I will be focusing onto the userbility of Windows Phone 7 instead.

Having the opportunity to witness my very first Windows Phone 7 (hereinafter WP7)device i.e. Nokia Lumia 710, I have to give Microsoft the thumbs up for the smoothness of the Operating System (Hereinafter OS). This is evident when Micorosft released the WP 7.5 "Tango" update for major mobile devices. The upgrade from WP7.0 to WP 7.5 was not significant but no one will able to doubt Microsoft in terms of its speed bump along the way. In a nutshell, the menu speed has increased around 30% as I would imagine. That would be the beauty of upgrading your mobile device from WP7 to WP 7.5.

Apart from that, using a WP 7 device will transform your perception about the boring bits of a mundane menu from a typical Andriod or Iphone OS device. WP7 device users see that their mobile phones use Live tiles as opposed to icons. I don't think it is a bad idea as using Live tiles is refreshing! In addition to that, I can witness that installing apps from the MarketPlace on the Nokia Lumia 710 is easy and without much fuss. I am suprised to see that I have never experienced any lag or app crashing while running on the Nokia Lumia 710. That would tell me that the OS is stable. You may ask me whether it is reliable and I would have to give you an affirmation. This is because the WP 7 OS runs as smooth as a baby's butt even though the Lumia 710 is only a single core device with 512MB RAM.

Even though the latest offering from Micorosft runs smooth on many mobile devices, it has its fair share of criticisms. The major issue which I have with the WP7.5 OS is the lack of multitasking on its devices. This is quite sad taking into the fact that it is the year 2012 and their OS does not support multitasking. Have they not learned from mistakes where multitasking is vital in a mobile device? I find it very frustrating particularly when I have text messages and I want to have a look at it while I am using Skype. Once I've pressed on the Windows logo to access the text message, you will find that Skype would have shut down. You would then have to re-establish the connection later. I think this is so frustrating! How I wish that Microsoft will cook a better OS instead. Will they ever think of enabling multitasking in their upcoming OS update? I hope so.

If you think that without enabling multitasking on WP7 devices is bad enough, you would soon know that there is another problem with WP7 devices as they do not support external memory cards! I don't really know why would Micorosft not support external memory cards. This is quite sad taking into account that many users these days will have to store on the average of 16GB of data on their devices so Nokia Lumi 710 will be something which they will not want to use it as their main mobile device. I am pretty certain that many people will buy another device and not the Lumia 710 because it has a small 8GB of storage space and 20% of it would have been non-user accessible. Users would have to rely on cloud storage but this is quite a hassle. This is because it will use your 3G connectivity or any Wifi and it will take time to download or upload.

The Nokia Lumia 710 seeks to attract first time smartphone buyers or the younger generation. As for me, I don't think the 8GB is sufficient taking into account that the free maps offered would have taken up quite bit of space and so it will leave not much room for storing pictures and videos. This is quite sad though.

From my research of the WP7 OS, one of the main reasons why WP7 enabled devices are running on single core is because the OS itself does not support dualcore or quadcore. Oh no, that is not a positive sign, isn't it?

So what have we got so far? The WP7 OS does not support multitaking so you can't run more than one application at one time. Besides that, the OS does not support or utilise more than a single core so it will be quite difficult for a user to run programmes smoothly at all times. Worst of all, the OS does not support external memory card!

Personally, I think Microsoft should work harder in ensuring that the shortcomings which have been described above is overcomed. Otherwise, users will not flock to a Nokia boot or buy any Nokia devices which runs on the WP7 OS because it is simply not good. There is no use if Nokia were to release a fantastic mobile device only to be destroyed by the OS of such devices. When will Nokia wake up?

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