Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Iphone and New Ipad Rumour

I could not stop posting an article on the upcoming Iphone and Ipad because I am quite excited with the new Iphone rumour specification. The new Iphone supposed to incorporate a better hardware which includes a larger screen (around 4" in diagonal), a variation of the new Ipad3 chip (i.e. the A5X chipset with dualcore cpu and quadcore gpu) and a different dock connector.

As much as I would like to speculate, I don't think Apple will introduce a different dock connector but I think they might just increase the screen size of the Iphone to 4" while incorporating the Ipad3 chip. However, I will not be surprised that Apple will release a larger storage capacity of the Iphone instead. 

Apart from that, I think it is also relevant to take into account that Apple needs to clear its old stock e.g. Iphone 3Gs and the Iphone 4. If the new Iphone is going to be released in September 2012 as mentioned, it will be just a month away from the original release date of the Iphone 4s. In doing so, I would think that it will greatly attract those users who are waiting to upgrade their mobile device especially those users who are still using their Iphone 4 as it might be the right timing to upgrade as it has been almost two years since the release of the Iphone 4. 

Well, time will tell!

In regards to the new Ipad rumour, I don't think Apple will be releasing a new Ipad with 9.7" screen but most probably they might want to release a smaller version of the Ipad but I doubt it... We will wait for the release patiently. Perhaps the new Iphone and Ipad will be announced next month. 

Keep it up!

14 June 2012 - We know that the new Ipad is equipped with the A5X chipset. It is relatively hotter than the Ipad2 and the Ipad 1 although there are speed bumps in the gpu sector as it is now quadcore as opposed to a dualcore gpu. The best of all will be the retina display on the new Ipad. Personally, I think Apple should release a more up to date Ipad than this. Therefore if you have an Ipad2, I don't think it is justified to buy the new Ipad as it is around 50g heaview than your Ipad2 and it is around 10c hotter than your Ipad2. I think it will be better for you to save up some money and get the 15" Macbook Pro 15 with Retina Display instead.

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