Thursday, 14 June 2012

No Way Out

I point out to Lim Kit Siang's respond to Tun Mahathir's post. In his post, he has highlighted the importance of a thorough investigation into the past few financial scandals in Malaysia. Being a neutral person, I feel that Kit Siang had a point over here. I don't think Tun Mahathir will be prosecuted, let alone akin to what happened during the Arab Spring, but rather a report of the truth of what has happened in the past which was not being released to the public under Tun Mahathir's ruling.

I am pretty sure that there are certain secrets are meant to be shy away from the public. That is why we have the Official Secrets Act 1972 to ensure that our national secrets are not to be distributed to the public for the fear of national security. This is rather similar to the position in the United Kingdom's Official Secrets Act 1911 which was amended a few times throughout the existence of the Act.

One question remain - Should we, in Malaysia, uphold the Official Secrets Act 1972 (Hereinafter OSA 1972)? Do we still need it or should we just amend a few provisions in the OSA 1972? Personally, I feel that we still need the Act but there is a need to amend various provisions which are controversial. The government of the day would have to understand that as a representative of the people in Malaysia, it will be foolish to come out with a quick solution to resolve an issue. I don't think there is a need to block any opinions or suggestions from any party at all. This is true for the sake of Malaysia as a country, we should be channeling our energy into the ways in which we could cut down on the nation's debt which is around 53% of the nation's GDP at the time of this post being written. I am very concern with the way in which the public's money being spent, taking into account the danger of the national debt getting too close to the ceiling of 55% of the nation's GDP.

Apart from the nation's debt level, I would like to stress upon the crime level in the country despite the fact that officials in Malaysia made a point that reported crimes in Malaysia have fallen as compared to the previous year. The question here is whether the people will believe that crime level has fallen.

I think it is safe to say that there are two important issues over here - national debt and crime level in Malaysia. Can anyone fix these problems?

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