Thursday, 28 June 2012

Offline Google Maps - Goodbye Nokia Drive?

It was 2011 when Google announced that its Google Maps will be able to store data offline to speed up navigation and to avoid consuming too much of data. The aim was to resolve some of the problems faced by many consumers especially Andriod users who does not have much of inclusive data to spare every month. Even though Google has lauched some sort of offline maps, it could not compete with standalone navigation apps like TomTom and Co-Pilot.

What we need to do is to fast forward one year later, Google finally made it clear that they are going to introduce better offline maps for its Google Turn-by-Turn navigation apps for many countries. When I saw the news online, I could not believe my eyes and I am very happy about the news. However, it might spell trouble for Nokia.

The reason why I am thinking that Nokia will suffer from the announcement from Google is because one of the many reasons why there are still many diehard Nokia user is due to the existance of Nokia Drive. Nokia Drive allow users to install offline maps of up to 77 countries in the world on their Nokia device without the need to consume any data while using the map service overseas. I believe that this is Nokia's selling point up to date.

I was quite upset when Nokia concentrated in developing its OS using Microsoft's Windows Phone (WP) OS. I am not particularly happy with the existing WP 7.5 on my Nokia 710. I was even upset when it is announced by Nokia that existing WP 7.5 devices will not be able to upgrade to WP 8 which supports a whole lot of new features including the most important feature of all - multitasking. Existing WP 7.5 devices will instead be upgraded to WP 7.8 but not WP 8 Apollo OS. This is such a shame as I am always a fan of Nokia but I might think twice when buying a backup phone now.

I believe that Nokia fans will not be put off with their existing single core mobile phones but the news which came from Microsoft that existing WP 7.5 devices including the Nokia Lumia 900 will not be receiving the WP 8 OS upgrade is simply shocking. Well, what do you expect consumers to react? I think many Nokia users might abandone ship this time to Andriod. I don't think Stephen Elop can blame them when you have marvellous devices like the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X. Presently, Nokia devices could not even come close to the features and specifications of the named devices previously.

Well, Nokia, what are you going to do then? Are you simply going to cater more for third world countries with your Asha range or are you going to tackle mainstream devices? I hope that Nokia will rebound to take the crown from Apple and Samsung.

04 July 2012
It seems that there is a so called "Plan B" with Nokia if Windows Phone OS is not going to revive Nokia's business and it will be using Android OS instead. Well, I think Nokia should have used the Android OS in the first place and not using it as a "Plan B". If Nokia have used the Android OS, Samsung would not have stolen the crown from Nokia in the first place.

13 February 2013
With Google Maps back on the iOS, it is just refreshing and Apple fans rejoice!

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