Sunday, 3 March 2013

O2 Home Broadband

If you are one of O2's Home Broadband customers, you will have to understand that O2's Home broadband and Landline services have been purchased by SkyBSB for a cool £180 million with an additional £20 million if it meets the target of the agreement between SkyBSB and O2. 

Personally, I will not have any problems with that news as I think it will be a good news for existing customers as they might receive a better service from Sky rather than O2 after the buy out from SkyBSB. From my experience with O2's Home broadband team, I have no problems in getting through to them under five minutes and users will have access to their customer service 24/7. Moreover, existing O2 customers will get a good discount when they renew their Home broadband contracts with O2. 

From the past, I had some not very good experience with Virgin Media and so I've chosen O2 Home broadband. I feel that O2 has done its job by providing an excellent customer service to their customers. With the take over by SkyBSB, many existing O2 customers are feeling uneasy with the news especially thinking of the money which they might have to spend more if they want to stay with O2 Home broadband or the customer service provided by Sky may be terrible.

Sky had received good results in customer survey last year (2012) based on Ofcom's report. With regard to their price plan, I would have to inform customers that existing home broadband plans are slightly more expensive than O2. Maybe there will be a concession in providing a cheaper service to existing O2 customers when they renew their home broadband contracts later. We shall have a look at it later when Sky release a press statement regarding the issue.

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