Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 3000mAh Extended Battery

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Irrespective of whether it is a LTE or non LTE version) and you find that the battery could do a better job, you might just be in luck. This is because Samsung has released a 3000mAh battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGS3). Samsung called it the "Extended Battery Kit" instead.

You could get a piece of it from Amazon or eBay and it will most probably cost you around £30. The whole package will include a back cover for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the 3000mAh battery which has NFC embedded on the battery itself.

My first impression of the battery and the back cover is that the SGS3 has gained around 20g but I think it is acceptable. With the 3000mAh battery, the back cover is smooth and it does not show sign of an extended battery has been fitted so kudos to Samsung.

With the extra 900mAh, the battery could last me for another day which is really good. I feel that the extra 900mAh is worth the money and it makes the SGS3 more sturdy too so I'm quite happy with the performance of the extra capacity battery so far.


19 June 2013

Please let me know if anyone is interested in acquiring the extended battery as it has no use for me now since I have upgraded to SGS4. I am willing to sell it for £20 including postage to EU countries. Please leave a message for me if you are interested.

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