Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Water Deposits Found in Mars

I have always think that water existed on Mars but the whoe planet is immersed with carbon dioxide that we would not be able to find out whether there is any water on the planet itself. No doubt that for many years scientist were going on a guessing game that there is water on the planet but they could not prove that it does exist. Not until recently.

I was jumping with joy when I read the news about the fact that scientist have finally prove that water deposits have been found on Mars, the red planet. That is a breakthrough, don't you think so? It has proven that it might lead to another lead which might inform us that there was once a great civilisation on the planet itself but was destroyed due to severe climate change which destroyed everything on the planet itself.

Anything is possible. Mankind is smart and they will develope although it takes time. Think about it. No one was kind enough to see the vision that man would step foot on the moon itself. Well, the Russians did go to the moon but the Americans were the first to walk on the moon. Given the time and space, mankind will be able to achieve what they have always wanted.

Right now, the Russian is offering a journey through space for people who are rich enough to travel for a few days in space and back. I am not sure whether the so called 'visitors' will be able to walk on the moon. I think that is a separate charge. To think of it, it might cost a person US$ 30 million for a trip to space and back. Oh yes... That is expensive. Only the rich people can afford for the time being. Hey, you might not know but in time to come, space travel is possible for everyone who wants to venture into a different colony, like living on the moon!

I think I have watched too many episods of Star Trek. 'Come back to earth'. Anyway, it is a good news for scientist and astronomers today in history. Keep it up!

You can read all about it here.

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