Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Cleaner assistant

Not far away from my house lies a dustbin. Well, it is a common dustbin where you would expect people to throw their rubbish into the dustbin. It is an old dustbin hence, not the new-big-aluminium type. I do see that off and on, there are people who would just throw big bags of rubbish i.e. their household rubbish into the dustbin. Oh no! That is not meant to be thrown into the public dustbin! That dustbin is meant for people who wants to throw away small items, or rather, not household rubbish.

I can always see that there will be a road cleaner who would always come in everyday to empty the dustbin. He is a very nice man indeed. I spoke to him on several occasions on my way out of the house. He is indeed very cross about people leaving their household rubbish bags beside the dustbin. He said that he has a job to do by making sure that the bins are clean and clear of rubbish everyday. He would be told off if his manager or area manager see that there are rubbish surrounding public bins. Although it is not his fault, he will be told off. It is a hazard to public health and safety if rubbish are left unattended for some time. Pity him... We need to be reponsible for our actions. We should do our bit to help the environment!!!

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