Friday, 1 June 2007


Well, I did resign from my job today. I felt that I am being let down big time over the months and I do feel that if that is what they want me to do, I will do it then. Oh, they do have the cheek to caution me! What have I done wrong? Hum...This is funny. What is the motive behind all these?

I know why. They have been longing for me to leave the job. Ever since I came onboard, they want to get rid of me. No offence but they do. After five months, they stop doing it to me because they could not do anything to me. First, they asked my supervisor to get rid of me. She failed. Then, my manager. Oh, she did not manage to get rid of me. She then asked her boss to get rid of me. She did not manage to do it too. Then come crunch time. They asked someone from the head office to get rid of me.

I think that they have been looking out for the opportunity to get rid of me because they don't like me. I balance the till everyday and did nothing wrong. Is it because they are jealous of me because I am the quickest person to balance my till everyday without any slight problem?

I don't really talk to them much when I was working in the branch. It is a war zone so what is important is that I do things right. They did not provide me with sufficient training and most of all, they bullied me.

If they want me to leave, just tell me to leave. I will do so. Oh, I think they would rather do something else because they do not want to be sued for unfair dismissal. Ha...I know better. They are just a bunch of crap!!!

I am glad that I left the place today. I felt so much better anyway after leaving the job. Thank God that there are still good people around who cares about me.


Anonymous said...

YES! Good Riddence To Bad Gabbage!

ぜるもう said...

Thank you very much! At least someone is listening.