Monday, 4 June 2007

Oh...I am really mad at this

Well, I gave a call to the college after my interview with two officers from the head office and told them about my problem. After that call I went to the college and spoke to the director of studies.

Do you know what was the response from him? He told me that no one called asking for my details. Hence,I do have two words for them. They're liers! They lied that they have made e-mails and faxes to the college but they have not do so. It is getting on my nerve because the company just trying to remove me but they could not do so. I do feel so sad to go because I have build up a big customer base. Never mind about it. I am okay with that. It is just that I am angry because the both of them lied to me and they are supposed to be officers from the head office! What a disgrace!

It is good that I have left the place and will be looking forward to a new life.


Anonymous said...

I'm lost about this, what interview & which college officers are you referring to? I wasn't aware of such an incident.

Anonymous said...

Hey D here,

How are u doing man? I guess all the problems have finally surfaced, relating to the bank thing. Don't worry lar, good jobs are aplenty around in Bristol.

What were their grounds for dismissal? Think you can use some employment law principles on them. Then again if not happy, ask them to stuff it up their arse.

Take it easy and chill for a bit before finding your next job?

Anyways my number is 017 345 7854, do give me a call when ur free.

Take care of yourself man!


ぜるもう said...

Dear David,
Thanks for your reply.It is good to know that you are alright over there. I am good over here. WEll, I don't think we have much to talk to since we are always at loggerheads. Anyway, I've got another job offer anyway...Thanks for your support.