Sunday, 27 July 2008

Alternative fuel

It seems that palm oil prices are falling fast. What is more important is that if that is the case, I think it is important for the government to initiate engines which runs on biofuel or palm oil. What is important is that if Malaysia were to capitalise on this, Malaysia will be able to cut down on the need of petrol consumption. As a result, oil prices will most probably fall thinking about it.

I think the government rethink about relying too much on petrol and diesel. What we can do is actually promote the use of hybrid engines for vehicles like the Toyota Prius and the Honda Hybrid. Now more and more people are thinking more about envrionmental frienliness. It is a good idea but we need action. Without action, there is no point of us talking about it.

I think what the government should do is to promote the use of electric motors on official cars like the Mercedes E class to include an electrical motor so that electrical motors should be used unless it is definitely necessary.

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