Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Anwar-Shabery Cheek debate

I am delighted with the techonological age. Why? It is because with the advancement of internet, people can retrive information easily through the internet. Well, there is good and bad points in it. I am not in the best position to criticise the advancement but I am here to share some good points about it.

As you all know, there was a heated debate between PKR de facto leader Anwar and Shabery Cheek regarding the increased of fuel prices lately. I was not being able to watch it live on the television due to the fact that I could not get online tv for tv3. Never mind about it because with youtube, it is possible. I was so glad to see that the government put on a brave face and took the challenge in replying to Anwar's claim that the government can reduce the fuel prices but they do not want to.

Having watched all the clips on youtube, I have gather that the increase of fuel prices is INEVITABLE. The reason why I am saying this is because fuel, as we know, is a global commodity. Prices going up and down are affected by many means, such as rumours, the level of demand and supply and policies. In this case, the government said that the increase of fuel prices is vital for the survival of the country. The government also said that price increase will ease the burden of the country to concentrate in helping the community in other areas like schools and more houses to be build. If the government were to subsidise fuel prices, the government will have to lose out in those projects which, in their sense, is given more priority.

What I have to say here is that fuel prices have never gone down ever since. From what I have known, fuel prices have increased tremendously throughout the world as there are more people living in this world and it affects the demand of fuel. We need fuel to help us to do for most of our work. Petrol or diesel for vehicles, generators and heating for instance. They all need fuel. When the demand has increased but the output remains the same, fuel prices will definately increase. There is no doubt in it.

There is something which I am not sure of. In Malaysia, fuel prices are being determined by the government but not by free market. Well, correct me if I am wrong but I think that is wrong. Never mind about it because in the end, the government should put the people's interest at their priority, right? I am sure that the government can do something to help the people. Otherwise the people would not have elected them to run the country, right?

Bear in mind that there are people who wants to ensure that oil prices will increase and never decrease. Well, there are many means of doing it. One thing will do is rumour. Just a spread of rumour that Iran is going to be attacked will set fuel prices to record highs. Why? Think about it. If Iran is going to be attacked, there will be less oil to be sold in the market as Iran is one of the major contributors to oil supplies in the world and they need to use oil to fund their tanks, aircrafts and warships. War is another contributor to the increase of oil prices but peace is given the priority so we need it. Oh tell me...

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