Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Enviornmental Friendliness

I think you all must have heard about the devastating effect of air pollution in China considering that the 2008 Olympic games is going to be held in Beijing for the first time in two centuries. Nevertheless, many people criticised the way how the government tackle air pollution in China as opposed to what has the government done to minimise air pollution.

China is a big country over 1 billion in population. Competitiveness is a key element in surviving in China. Not everyone is fortunate enough to send their sons and daughters for overseas education.Nontheless, it is important to see what has development done for China.

We see that pollution is a key factor as one of the results of development. I have to say that the air quality in Shanghai right now is not that brillant. I don't think people will deny it. However, such development is necessary for the upcoming 2010 games which is going to be held in Shanghai. Well, what can people say about it? When there is development, it will bring foreign investment into the country and there is where people will earn their money - through business ventures. Look at China Telecom. Although the company is owned by the government, they seek ventures outside China into Pakistan and Hong Kong (which is now China) too. In this way, the government will be able to provide a better service to the people.

If you are about to travel to Shanghai, never forget to make use of the underground train. It is fast and efficient. Most importantly, it is well ventilated - air cond! You can also get mobile signals when you are underground, in the lifts and also onboard the tube station (in the underground train). Can you get signals when you are onboard the underground tube in London? I guess not!!!

You will also see that people are willing to use electrical bicycles as a form of their mode of transport. More and more people are using electrical bicycle nowdays. You may see that one vehicle which looks like a motorcycle but it is actually an electrical motorcycle. Irony, isn't it? The government is trying to encourage its citizens to recycle. In Shanghai, you need to pay for a shopping bag which is the same as in Ireland. If you do not want to pay for a shopping bag, get yourself a recyling bag then. Don't you think it is good! I think so! Excellent, isn't it?

Obviously, we could not afford to miss the issue of air ad sound pollution in China. It is the fact that when you are talking about emerging markets, there are bound to be pollution here and there. It is unavoiable. The more pressing issue is whether the government is doing something about it. In this case, the government is doing something about it and so stop bickering about China not doing its job to minimise air pollution, ok?

With the Olympic games two weeks away, I wish China all the best!!!

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