Monday, 21 July 2008

Remember China

Not too long ago, we were devastated by the news of the massive earthquake in China which let to about 80,000 people dead, most of them were children. Now, we have something to cheer about.

Yes, I am talking about the Olympics game coming up on 8/8/08 in Beijing. It is a fantastic time to have the game in China because they earned it. What is most important is that China has been growing steadily for the last decade and they have the infrastructure to hold such an international event. I have no complains about it.

In fact, I think it will be a good thing for China because people will be able to spend more money when they are in China for the duration of the olympics. However, the government is pretty concerned about the terrorist attack on its soil and they have taken steps to counter the possibility of such an attack.

Besides utilising strict EU laws governing people who wants to enter China by air, the govenment has taken similar steps in beefing up security measures onboard railway stations too. In fact, China has one of the fastest high speed electrical trains in the world which is runned by CNR. I have to tell you that I have experienced a CNR train moving at the speed of 216 km/h - silent and steady. It takes only half the journey of a typical charcoal or petrol driven engine train from point A to B. Well, the new trains certainly cost the government a lot of money but consumers are to be benefitted because they only pay a little bit more before they can enjoy the luxury of the new high speed train.

I have to tell you that China has grown a lot. Obviously prices of goods have increased but nevertheless, there are many cheap places to have your meal and buy your stuff. If you are in Shanghai and looking for books, get to Shanghai Bookstore which has seven floors. You will love it! Wish you best of luck China in the Olympics!!!

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