Monday, 11 August 2008

Bad Customer Service

Have you ever seek after sales service and not getting what you have been paid for? Have you ever been disappointed with some traders or even companies for not living up to their promises? Well, I did get that for the past one week and I am not happy with it.

What happened was we asked for help and representatives of the company gave us promises which we relied on it. It pertains to the maintenance of our flat. The washing machine was still not in a good working order and I kept on calling them. Well, what did I get in return? Nothing but just a slap on my face. How could they say that they manage the flat properly when clearly the washing machine has some dirt and the whole rubbery thingi on the washing machine is actually mouldy? I am disgusted with their attitute. Besides that, they are not that professional as they speak. I do feel quite a letdown from them.

Until now, I am still pursuing the matter as it has been a week and nothing has been done on their part besides mumbling over the washing machine. It is the owner's responsibility when it comes to the washing machine, not tenants.

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