Tuesday, 12 August 2008


I am a man of my word. However, sometimes things changed and we have to abide by it. Then, we have to make a choice. I just don't understand why people would just keep on talking about the same old thing over and over again? Gosh, I wonder when is it going to end?

(1)I was told that what has happened would just be bygones. Well, I don't think someone can live with it;

(2)I was told that it is not necessary for me to reply text messages but what do I get in return of not replying? People would just come down hard on me, left right and center;Why on earth someone would say unecessary and then say the opposite thing? Would this mean that actually, sending text was mandatory?

(3)When everything dies down, I was told that it has been a rough ride for these few months and I felt that I was the punching bag. Never mind, it is alright. I don't take it seriously because I am a forgiving person;

(4)I am still myself five years ago. It is just that I could not let other people take advantage of me anymore and take me for granted. I am not that sort of person. People can blame me for everything under the sun but it is alright. It does not matter if things go wrong but ultimately, what is owed has to be repaid. That is important. We do not forget what other people have given us.

(5)Being alone is silly let alone do silly things to harm your own body. Don't blame others but think of how to solve the problem. There are many people out there who wants to be with someone. What is the problem then? Don't give excuses that you have to be alone as you are fed up with every single people in the world. That is rubbish. I am so sad that you are behaving like that. Yes, you do not have some of the things that I have but it does not mean that you have nothing. Chance is within our reach and we have to take the oppoprtunity to make full use of it. What is the point of grumbling? I think it is better make full use of the time to make more money and settle down.