Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Malaysian Politics

I am in pain over what is happening in Malaysia right now especially in Perak. It seems that PKR and BN are fighting over who is going to run the State and non-stop bitchin around. That is not right. It shows that people are lack of manners and where is manners when you need one? It is rediculous to say that the Perak Assembly speaker has done something wrong by UMNO and the whole political scence in Perak and in malaysia is in a mess. The next question would be: How to solve the problem?

I don't think such problems can be solved if the leaders themselves are not paving the way to debate the matter in a more civilised way. Look at the Dewan Rakyat now days. I know that the parliament in session is being aired over the television but what else? You can see what is actually going on in the Parliament. You see that the House Speaker is taking sides although they don't want to involve themselves in it. What is going on over there then? Isn't it bad to show sides? Look at the UK parliament. You don't see the House Speaker neglecting his duty towards the House. I think Malaysian should look upon the British in improving the relationship between party members especially opposition party members. I am not saying that we have to follow each and everything that the British MPs did but it is wise to follow the good examples which they are doing right now. You don't see war of words which might lead to assaults or any criminal behaviour in or outside the Parliament. That is so uncivilised, don't you think so?

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