Thursday, 5 March 2009

Maxis is a SCAM!!!

I remember those days whereby you would use Hotlink because it has one of the best coverage in Malaysia. However, Maxis is now on a different driving seat now. They will send advertisements through sms to each of their customer's mobile number. The worst part is that you can't stop those advertisements from sending it to your mobile number. Not even Maxis customer services can stop it. "Advertisements are beyond our control".

I am pretty annoyed because every single text messages which I received will render me RM2.00 worst off. Do you know what is the best solution? Don't use your maxis mobile SIM card when you are overseas. I've got charged five times which is RM 10.00 for nonsense from Maxis. Digi and Celcom are the same. It is some form of advertisements for them. That is why I am NOT going to use the SIM card when I am abroad anymore. Wasting people's money.

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