Wednesday, 1 April 2009

3 UK Repair

I have received my Nokia 3120c from 3 UK. On the piece of letter, I was told that my handset repair is not covered by the warranty as there is physical damage on my mobile. Oh my God! What sort of damage are they talking about? The phone has been used barely for two weeks and I have not drop the phone. I have not done anything to the phone but I was told that my phone is not covered by the phone warranty. This is really bad. It looks as if 3 UK is selling a damaged phone to its customers! I am not surprised!

I am quite lucky as I only had taken up a 6 months contract and not a 12 months contract. Judging by the looks of it, I don't think I am going to take up another contract with 3. They are just there to rip people's money off. Stay away from 3 network!


deviousjay said...

The repair centre should have photographic evidence of any damage on the handset as a reference

Why not give Customer Services a call to see if they can talk you through the specific damage on your phone?. I have been able to contact the UK based technical support them on 08707 330 280”

You will need the serial number [15 digit IMEI] of your phone that they can use to view the repair history

ぜるもう said...

Dear Jay,

Many thanks for your input. In fact, I have called them thousand of times. I feel that it is pointless of calling them because all they would do is to start apologising from start to the end! I am not looking for apologies but some constructive actions! Well, to cut the story short, I ended up buying a cheap PAYG 3 mobile phone from Phones4U for around £60 (Nokia 3120c). My contract will end in September 2009. Luckily I have taken out a 6 months contract with 3 UK and not an 18 months contract with them. I feel that customer service in store is so much better but they are not allowed to do certain things. Only through the phone can 3 customer service deal with my problems. I feel so sad but that is the fact. I am really happy with the customer service in store but not through the phone. It is horrible.