Friday, 5 March 2010

Nokia N900 Follow Up

I'm pretty happy with the device though as I'm quite used to the Maemo 5 OS. At this moment, I am having a nice time over there. The stereo speakers are looking good, same goes to the stereo headset which came along with it. It is afar cry from the headset which came with the E72! That is just not fair.

Battery Life
Until now, the N900 could not hold longer than 2 days with moderate usage. However, I'm getting 3 days of usage right now and if I don't really use the unit, I will be able to get around 4 days on standby, just to receive and send text messages. That is just so cool! I'm quite impressed with the 1320mAh battery though! Excellent! I think one of the main reasons for the battery to last longer than my initial charge would be the fact that the battery is now 'seasoned'.

At this moment, I'm using it to make and receive calls/ text messages. I do also make use of it to listen to music. I do find that the menu speed on the Maemo 5 OS way much faster than my E72 even though I have updated my E72's firmware. In fact, my E72's menu is getting slower and there's no difference even though I have done a hard reset on the E72. I'm quite happy with the N900 at this moment though. The battery life is good and quite convenient although many would argue with me that the N900 is rather large. It is large but it is very suitable for multitasking which you would not be able to do it on the E72 or the N95 8GB. To an extend, not even the N97.

Since skype is build in, I do not have any problems in making or receiving calls from skype or through my cell phone. It's just perfect. It gets better! I've managed to install other IM applications like msn and yahoo chat messenger through the application manager and now I can intergrate them onto the IM manager! That's cool! One IM manager for all accounts!

I just don't understand why Nokia has just released a statement where the map loader is now available on the N900. Why does it take so long for Nokia to solve the problem!

As the unit is fitted with a 32GB memory, it is quite impossible to fill it up to the maximum. However, if you think that you are short of space, you can also install memory card to increase the N900's memory. The good thing about the N900 is that the memory slot is not underneath the battery so you can just remove the back over and slot it in.

I have complete faith in the N900 to be one of the best handsets around. I do feel that although the touch screen is arguably not capacitive, it does not really matter as it served its purpose. I have tried on using the HTC's HD2 and its capacitive touchscreen is just too sensitive. It will be good if Nokia can work on how to improve on the Microsoft Exchange on the N900!!!


Lookatbowen said...

3 days battery life is all very well with limited device usage, but then what is the point of having a multitasking device such as the N900 if one is not going to use it?

I get 5 hours maximum but then I am using it to it's maximum.

Cool post though!!!

ぜるもう said...

Dear Lookatbowen,

Yes, 3 days battery life is just about it though. With maximum usage, e.g. wi-fi constantly switched on, bluetooth always on and IM always on, it did not take more than 5 hours before the device is hungry for another charge again...

Lookatbowen said...

5 hours though is poor, in my mind considering the phone is a multitasking device. I don't know if you had or used the Nokia N95. Another brilliant phone back in 2006, a cutting edge device back then, with a rubbish battery. I don't understand why Nokia don't learn from their mistakes. The N900 should last 8 hours minimum.

ぜるもう said...

Yes, I've used the N95 and the N95 8GB before. I've managed to use the battery for the N95 8GB on the N95 as it has more juice.

I am just hoping that Nokia will improve on their devices soon. Otherwise, there will be a significant portion of people going to jump ship!

I thought that Nokia will use the same battery as you'd get from using the E90 or the E71/E72 on the N900 but it's not possible...

Come on Nokia...the N900 should be equipped with a 1500mAh battery!!!

I was quite cross as yesterday I had to recharge the phone at the end of the day which I would not need to do so when I was using my E72.