Monday, 17 May 2010

DAP for Sibu!!!

I am so glad that DAP won the Sibu seat recently. Although it was a close fight, it shows that the rayket is more in tune with what a party can offer and not just empty promises. I think the opposition coalition will evetually swallow up Sarawak and also Sabah...What is important is to give them time and surely they will do so.

Syabas DAP!


EVA said...
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EVA said...

Everybody knows that DAP can't do anything much as compare to BN bcos BN is the one with the money and cash flow.

But why did DAP win? How did DAP break more than 50 years of BN's stronghold? This is simply because these Borneo Sarawakians cannot be bought like the Indians of Hulu Selangor. These Sarawakians are far from rich but they hold Christianity above everything else.

You Steal our Bibles, You Steal our Holy Communion and then spit it out front of Catholics who witnessed it and you go on further to Bomb our churches! You are Barbaric and uncivilized in every sense of the word.

For this, the people have spoken out and this is only the beginning. God is a God of Justice and Love.

So you can continue your hatred, racial discrimination and religious superiority while failing to understand that your religion is just a mere baby that was born after all other religions.

So, I congratulate DAP & PKR. Hidup Anwar! Hidup Lim Kit Siang! Hidup Karpal Singh!