Monday, 17 May 2010

George Osbourne - Spending Cuts

It is highly likely that the Liberal Democrates - Conservative government will announce a deficit budget this year - a move which might see how far will the oalition government go to reduce the national debt.

It is projected that the Chancellor will ammounce a £6bn cut in spending - I don't really know how is he going to make it through. Anyway, we will have a look at it as the time approaches.


EVA said...

Cutting Expenditure to such a great extent wouldn't ensure success in any Economy. You gotta spend to recieve. Invest and Roll Finances wisely that is.

Cutting on expenditure wouldn't be any different from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's short rule in Malaysia. It's fatal to the country, party and leader. It will also give a weak impression that the leadership is "Playing Safe" instead of driving the economy out from recession. Anyway, Osborne's move is a good one as it will only work against the new government.

ぜるもう said...

Think about it. The country's finances need some TLC at the moment. basically, the Chancellor knows that there is not much money in the pot at the moment so a spending cut was inevitable. The problem is a cut of £6bn might be just the beginning. There's much to streamline these days. However, one problem remains - Which sector is going to get the most spending cut? Is it going to be the NHS, Police or Education?

EVA said...

I believe that most spending done in the past by Labour was on areas of need. If you cut on Police or education, good luck to you! hahaha!