Monday, 17 May 2010

Nokia Booklet 3G - Games

If you are thinking that you can run COD4 or Need for Speed: Shift on the Booklet 3G, you will be disappointed though. I am saying this is because you will not be able to do so as the Intel 500 graphics card is just not cut out for it although the Intel Z530 arguably is capable. It has been such a letdown with the graphics engine though.

If you want to play NFS, you would have to ensure that you run the programme on the lowest settings. Even then, you might find the graphics are quite choppy. In the end, I gave up in running games on it. However, not all are lost. You could run low resolution or not so graphic intensive games on the Booklet 3G though. A good example will be tetris for example. Ha! Stick to the normal routine of using the Booklet 3G for basic Office applications or surfing the internet though.

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