Monday, 17 May 2010


Correct me if I am wrong. I do think that HTC is making a big name in the market but it is also important that they keep up with the technology. Since realeasing the T-mobile's G1, they have released many mobile devices on both Windows Mobile and Andriod. These days they are less dependent on Windows Mobile.

However, with the launch of Windows Mobile 7 in the near future, they are going to release a 1.3Ghz Snapdragon cpu on Windows Mobile 7. I'm not sure whether this is going to be true but nobody can predict the outcome especially when you are talking about HTC. They have released many reputable mobile devices throughout the years. A good example will be the controversial Nexus One which did not really do well in the number of units sold. I guess they have relied too much on selling in just a few markets.

Apart from the Nexus One, they have the HTC Desire and the HD2 which I quite like. Most of the recent mobile devices released by HTC supports the Andriod platform. I think it is a trend to phase out Apple's dominance.

The Andriod apps market have increased tremendously. Recently it was mentioned that they will surpass the Apple's apps market. I am always delighted with it because this is what I called competition. Without competition, the world will not create a better and more advanced products for consumers to use.

With HTC, I am just quite afraid of the standby time of their devices. With the HD2, you can't run the device for more It sucked the juice out of the battery. That is why HTC have released an extended battery for the HD2 but it is still quite rare in the market. I am sure that people owning a HD2 will be really pleased. Anyway, good for HTC but it will not be good for consumers who is using a HTC device at the moment because their devices will not be worth as much as it was first purchased by them. This is a problem with people releasing so many new products in a year.

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