Monday, 6 September 2010

Sounds Like a Hummingbird

I have told myself that I would get a reasonably priced Netbook very soon. This is an important issue because it will help me to pursue my work even better (In short - more efficient). However, I have to make sure that the price of the netbook will not be more than £260 irrespective of the size of the screen.

Acer Aspire One 751h
After doing some research online, I have come to a solution. I could get an Acer Aspire One 751h which is powered by an old Intel Atom Z520. The good thing is that it is equipped with a 11.6" TFT screen and the memory bank is upgradeable to 2GB! It is quite light and the battery can last up to 7 hours with a singel charge. The price of the netbook is also quite reasonable at £239.99 with one year's warranty nad free delivery. It comes standard with bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and 802.11b/g. The netbook is quite light and I do like the netbook's curve. It is quite quiet too so it is a strong contender.

HP 110-3000sa
The next netbook which I have in mind is the HP 110. It comes with a newer Intel Atom N450 CPU and 1GB of memory which one could upgrade it to 2GB. Hard disk space is 250GB and Carphonewarehouse is selling it for £239. Not too bad considering that I will get a Bulldog Internet Antivirus to go with it (The software cost £50 apparently). I do like HP and certainly the 110 as the memory card reader supports xD cards! The fan is also quiet and it comes with Windows 7 Starter, unlike the Acer Aspire One 751h which comes with Windows XP Home.

Lenovo S10-3
The next netbook which caught my eye was the Lenovo S10-3. It comes with similar spec as the HP 110 but it has a trackpad in addition to the touchpad. It is quite a tradition for Lenovo. A single charge of the battery will last for 7 hours and this is what I like. It is quite light too at around 1.25kg. It could easily be fitted into a small bag without any fuss. According to Carphonewarehouse, it cost £259. It is still within my budget at this moment.

I did not consider Samsung N130 because it is running on an older cpu - the Intel Atom N270 so I have decided to make it a pass this time.

Hannspree SN10
The final netbook which caught my eye was the Hannspree SN10 from Carphonewarehouse. It cost only £199 and it has similar spec as the HP 100 but the memory card reader does not support xD card but it is worth while taking it considering the nearest price to the SN10 is around £40 extra. I then decided to take the Hannspree SN 10.

According to Carphonewarehouse, it has a similar spec as the HP 110. It will support bluetooth, wifi at 802.11n and it is powered by an Intel Atom N450 cpu. The best of all is that it has a 2 year warranty! That is just brilliant! I bought it and happily took it home to use.

I was really disappointed with the unit that I have bought. The Windows 7 Starter was alright and most of the functions are running properly but wait a minute...There is something missing. Yes!!!! There is no bluetooth attached to it!

A quick check under the control panel showed that the unit does not have bluetooth hard wired on the motherboard. I then checked the machine and it showed a serial number of SN10E28B and not SN10E24B as advertised! If that is not bad enough, the noise of the fan was loud and it sound more like a hummingbird! I could not take it anymore so I have decided to exchange it for a different model. Stay tuned for more as I am going back to Carphonewarehouse tomorrow to get a different netbook all together. I think I will get the Lenovo S10-3 instead.

I do remember the branch manager of Carphonewarehouse telling me that I cannot return the unit but I could exchange it for a different unit. I told him that actually I can return the unit and get my money back if the unit which is sold to me does not correspond to the advertisement on the internet and that it fails to work like a netbook. He smiled. Oh well, here are some of the pictures of the Hannspree SN10E28B which I have received. Besides, I have statutory rights and so they can't really push their responsibilies away, isn't it?


I have finally managed to talk my way out and carphonewarehouse agreed to exchange the Lenovo S10-3 for me. Obviously I would have to pay the difference of £60 as the Lenovo is £259. Anyway, I took the netbook back and guess what I have found? The unit which they sold to me only came with a 160GB hard drive and not the 250GB! That is just disappointment one after the other. I have not yet open the box this time!

I then went back to the same shop the third time and this time I have asked for a HP Mini 110-3000sa. I then checked every single detail before heading back to my house. The netbook checks out and it is running beautifully at the moment. However, the Mini 110-3000sa only comes with a mono speaker and only have a speaker jack and not even a microphone jack. Apart from that, it works perfectly. I have to say that I could feel that the Mini 110 is much faster than the Hannspree SN10 which I had two days ago! There will be a review of the HP Mini 110-3000sa very soon.

Stay tuned!
Hannspree SN10E28B from the top
Another shot taken when it is openned
The box which house the Hannspree SN10E28B

Good price at £199!
Clearly stated that the netbook comes with bluetooth under 'connectivity'
Wow!!! What do we have under 'Bluetooth'? It is stated as 'Without'!!! Besides that the unit which was given to me was not SN10E24B but SN10E28B. Sneeky people!!!

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