Thursday, 14 July 2011

Najib on Financial Times 2011

It is true that there was a dissatisfaction among the people of Malaysia regarding the wealth of the nation. However, the PM of Malaysia has refused to answer many questions which linked to the way in which he runs his government to the likes and fancies of certain individuals.

From my observations, there are two major problems in Malaysia at this moment - (1) too many unresolved issues being swept under the carpet and (2) the rich will only get richer while the poor is getting poorer by the day.

The people of Malaysia is not happy because only a handful of people in Malaysia will benefit from the riches of the nation itself!

Help us to overcome this problem!


Joshua Lopez said...

Honestly, people here don't worry about money. People here are demanding for a same level playing field and not to be treated as 3rd class citizens. This is the main issue which is Human Rights & Equality. One being richer than the other doesn't really concern most Malaysians.

ぜるもう said...

When I wrote about people being richer, I was referring to a certain group of people being richer and not the rest. That is unfair.