Sunday, 13 July 2008


I am writing here because I am quite annoyed with an individual who has been avoiding me for a long time although I have tried many times to make an affort to call, the individual just simply hang up the call with the intention of not picking up my call, thus avoiding me.

That individual can argue that I have been avoiding him as well before he did it to me. Well, I was going through some rough patches and I would just want him to understand. Oh no, he could not understand a simple thing that I have said. Oh well, now that I am hoping that he will response? No chance. I don't think he will ever pick up my call. What a pity considering the fact that the individual has a job now and seems to have forgotten about me. Never mind about it. It is just one of those people whom I have come across.

Oh yes, that individual could also argue that I was supposed to help him but instead I did not. He forgot that it was not because I don't want to but I COULD NOT DO SO. There is a difference in both. What can I do then? Never mind about it. I would have to be more careful next time.


Joshua said...

I am not Ungrateful. I have gone through very patches on my side, i went low down to dire state of affairs. You have no idea how badly i fell, i fell into the pit emotionally, mentally & finanacially. I was thorwn to the corner & you had no slightest idea.

I never avoided you & i was unaware that you called. I also lost mummy's sister who dropped dead suddenly. I have had a very rough patch & you have no idea.

If you really knew me well, you would have known me better that i'm not an ungrateful person. I Love you beyond this world, i probably Love you more than you Love me, so stop judging me. My Love for you can never be shaken. I Love You beyond this World Tailo & you should have known this by now.

Yes, i am better now & i'm picking up my life here. I tried to sms you many times but just found out today that your Hotlink Simcard has expired. I'm getting you a new one today.

Take Care Tailo, Love, Hugs & Kisses, joshua.

ぜるもう said...

It is fine. The most important thing is that you are alright over there.