Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tun Mahathir

think it is a good thing for Dr. Mahathir to challenge BN to regain the seats which were being won by the PKR. It is easy enough for him to set out a challenge for BN. The hardest part will be whether BN is willing to take up the challenge. I think Dr. M has seen enough of bickering and back stabbing among BN components and he would wish that he is back in his 30s where he could do some wonders. Unfortunately, he is not. He is well into his 80s and things have changed.

If he is still strong, it is irrelevant as the politics have changed. I do have lots of respect for Dr. Mahathir but I think the current BN is in no command of the country’s politics. Look at UMNO themselves – They looked more like a bunch of people who are trying to be ‘cool’ during every parliamentary session and I think it is just wrong. If you really pay attention, you will find that the country’s political success is in turmoil. This is due to the fact that there is no ‘leader’ to lead the country into prosperity at the moment.

We do have a prime minister and guess what? He is not the elected prime minister anyway! Just because BN won the reduced majority seats in the previous election, it does not mean that Najib is the clear winner.

With due respect, he has started to take some actions like education and health reforms but such reforms will take time and effort. I am sceptical about the success in those two reforms. It comes a time where UMNO is allegedly to be involved in a ‘secret’ talk with certain leaders of PAS. A talk with the opposition party is not unheard of but what does it mean? It will be wise if there is only one party and one party to rule all, just like in Cambodia?

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